If you just Google “monster,” you get everything from job searches to energy drinks to 80’s rock stars to monster trucks.

Friday Night Monster Club Cover(That’s the beginning of chapter 9 in our book, by the way)

And that’s why we’ve gathered here, in celebration of this new thing called Friday Night Monster Club.

Haven’t heard of it? Well, take it easy. Don’t feel like you missed the only Super Moon of your lifetime or anything. It has just been published! So be sure to tell your friends and the universe know that it’s a thing.

As you can probably tell from the title, Friday Night Monster Club is about a group of monsters who get together for a lively game of backgammon and root beer floats every Friday night.

Totally kidding.

It’s about a group of kids who live in a town that happens to have an unusually large number of mysterious monsters prowling around. Anyway, they preserve the peace and order in the town by spending their Friday nights hunting these bizarre beasts with creativity and a handful of yard sale finds. Probably should also mention that their town is just downstream from Three Mile Island (yes, THAT Three Mile Island).

Coincidence? Gotta read the book to find out.

In the meantime, that’s why we’ve created this little blog. Because we love this book and think that you’ll love it enough to gift it to everyone in your extended family. Plus the story gives us a lot of freedom to explore the world of monsters, and TMI, and other stuff we enjoy. Pretty much all of it connects back to Friday Night Monster Club in some way at some point. Click through whatever looks interesting, have some fun, and stay tuned for more news.

And thanks for being here.