Beware of this little cutie. Sure, it’s slow and fuzzy… but man, does it pack a frightful venom that is best to steer clear of!

If the world ever gives over to a zombie invasion, it will likely be because of the loris! Believe it!

What a cutie!
Wait a minute… is he holding someone’s finger?

Slow lorises—a small group of wide-eyed, nocturnal primates found in the forests of south and southeast Asia—might look adorable, but think twice before snuggling up to one. They may look harmless, but a slow loris can pack a gnarly bite laced with venom powerful enough to rot flesh.

Scientists have long been fascinated with slow lorises, and until now, they haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly why they have venom or how they use it. However, a new study suggests that slow lorises mainly use their toxic bites in fights against each other instead of defending themselves against other species, reports Liz Kimbrough for Mongabay.

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