What if you could change your look and appearance without the need for Charlotte Russe or Old Navy?
It’s sorta creepy just how some animals can shape-shift. Here’s a frog and within a matter of minutes can morph itself and provide camouflage for itself.

This species, found in Ecuador, can change the texture of its skin in a matter of minutes. The animal, found in a park called Reserva Las Gralarias in north-central Ecuador’s Andean cloud forest, alters its skin to resemble its background. This allows it to blend in and hide from predators. Their epidermis can take on the texture of a smooth wood, fuzzy moss and spiky sticks. When it was first discovered by wife and husband researcher Katherine and Tim Krynak from Case Western Reserve University, the frog’s skin boasted little spines. But when Katherine Krynak placed it in a white cup, it changed its texture to a smooth, light-colored texture.

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