plant bittingNow if a mugger came up to me in a dark alley and, after ramming a gun into my ribs, asked me to rattle off as many plant based monsters from fiction that I could…
Well, I’d probably be finishing this post posthumously.

So there’s that classic one from Little Shop of Horrors and then I sadly start to draw a blank. Okay, well don’t fret. Wikipedia is here to the rescue (you may have to weed through them to find the monsters, pardon the pun ;). I’m not sure how long it took to collect this impressive list but somebody gave up their precious time watching Downton Abbey to make it. So enjoy!

stink monster plant from sesame streetA few stand outs:

  • Stinky: a plant from the children’s TV series Sesame Street
  • Nirnroot: a plant from the game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, makes a sound somewhat akin to chimes and emits a white glow.
  • Heart’s Desire: a flower which grants your heart’s desire when ingested, from the My Little Pony TV series (okay, a kids version of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker anyone?!)