Completely brainless. >Yawn< We’ve all seen that before. I mean Washington DC isn’t actually that far away… But weirdly intelligent despite having no brain?! Okay, folks. This is a creepy one!

sweet jello slime!

Yes, this picture has nothing to do with this post. But somehow I am oddly reminded of it here.

For a long time, nobody understood slime molds. To be clear, nobody really understands them now either, but scientists now know that these pulsating piles of jelly found on rotten logs in the forest are not fungi, but are, in fact, more closely related to amoebas. And though there’s nary a neuron in a slime mold’s entire gelatinous body, they seem to be able to solve relatively complex problems.

There are over 900 species of slime molds (phylum Myxomycetes) living in the soils, leaf litter and rotten logs of this planet. Researchers have found a slime mold cast in amber that remains entirely unchanged from what you could find in a modern forest, dating back at least 100 million years. Slime molds in general, though, have probably been squishing their way around Earth for around a billion years. In fact, it’s possible they’re one of the first multicellular-ish organisms created by single cells joining together.

Seriously, it gets weirder.
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